Ship out the positive!

WOW!! what a fantastically beautiful day it is here in Vancouver! I am loving it! I hope yall are having a great week!

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending an amazing event created by a wonderful lady Christine Awram who I met through my sis in law. Christine created the Women of Worth event through a vision she had, a vision of bringing women together to celebrate our successes, share stories and inspire one another, and do so in a place that was positive and fun, and what fun we had! My sister in law Tammy Moyer, news anchor for News 1130 was the events MC and of course was fabulous as she always is. There was many great and inspirational speakers that really made you look deep inside yourself. Within the first 5 minutes I had tears in my eyes as Christine shared her story. Some people think these things are cheesy and a load of BS, but I say to those people get a grip! Is a place full of positivity, laughter, heartfelt stories and passion cheesy?Well if it is then sign me up!! I am sooo into it, bring on the cheese! Seriously though, why do we look down upon celebration of successes? The power of positivity? I struggle sometimes with looking on the positive side of things and I undoubtedly let the bad take over sometimes, but then I go to an event like this and it reassured where my heart really is, who I truly and wholeheartedly want to be. A Woman of Worth of course! We all are women of worth but what we do with it is our path to discover.

Have you ever had a passion in your belly? Have you ever had it but didnt know quite what it was yet? Thats me. I know I love to do a lot of things, ahem, I mean right now I currently write this blog, do website design, help run a graphic design company and refinish furniture in my spare timeoh god thats a lot of random crap! So in doing all this I am trying to find where this burning passion that keeps me up at night wants to take me. I have always been a person that isnt happy doing just one thing or working a regular job. I have always searched for more. To find the purpose to my life. I believe we are all here to live an authentic life, to be enlightened, to work our lifes work, not just a job. Now for everyone that looks very very different, and dont get me wrong here, some people are very happy working their 9-5 job, retiring and moving to Palm Springs to wait out the end of their days in the sun sipping Arnold Palmershold up that doesnt sound so bad.getting off track hereno matter what happiness looks like to you, you should just do it! Whether its building homes for people less fortunate, travelling the world, working at Starbucks, being an accountant or a CEO of a successful company, whatever your belly aches for DO IT! I know its easier said then done. Look at me, Im doing all these things but still struggling with what will make me truly fulfilled. Maybe it wont ever be just ONE thing, and im ok with that. I just want to feel happy. Id rather struggle while doing what I love then settle just to be comfortable. The universe is a very powerful thing, what we think about day and night is what we always end up having in one way or another, if your core principles believe one thing, it is hard to convince your mind any different, but the universe knows the difference. Sounds corny? Look back at your life, look at what you have said over and over and what you truly believe in. Is your life a reflection of that? Be honest! I bet you will be surprised with what you discover. There is so much I could go on and on about but I just wanted to share a little of what I have learnt and what inspired me going to this event.

I challenge you to look at what you tell yourself everyday, is it positive or negative? Then look at what keeps happening in your life, is it positive or negative? Colin Sprake was a speaker that had a very positive impact on me and who I could relate to very much. He talked a lot about shipping and receiving. HUH? What you ship out is what you get. You ship out negative thoughts then you shall receive negative in return. So ship out positive the babe! Wouldnt the world be a much better place if we all tried a little harder at shipping out positive thoughts to ourselves and others? I know I need to do that in regards to my self reflection. I always beat myself up for the way I look, and I know that is why I forever struggle finding happiness with the way I look. Why do we do that?! Why are we so quick to tell ourselves we cant do something, or we arent good enough. Its very bizarre when you really think about it. Were happier putting ourselves and others down than we are building ourselves and others up! Well I say its about the right time to start doing the very opposite. I promise to try compliment people more, praise them for their work, and I promise to look at myself in the mirror and celebrate the way I am rather than pick out all the things I dont like.

Anyways, this would be a post for days if I kept going! The message is ship out the positive and you shall receive it! What do you do to stay positive in a negative world?

Have a fantastic week and weekend!

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