Home sweet home

When the seasons change, so does my taste in decor. As if I needed an excuse to buy new stuff :p Obviously I ADORE shabby chic furniture, but I dont like to go overboard with it. My home is filled with shabby chic, modern, contemporary and a bit of funky, we like a variety of styles but I always try to keep it light and fresh, I dont like a lot of dark colours. So as summer is approaching I am looking to brighten and lighten once again! Our bedroom is pretty much where I want it(for now) but my living room is a bit dark still. Its really important to me to have a place to come home to that is cozy and stylish, its something I really pay a lot of attention too. I believe our homes should make us feel special and proud. I know its easier for some people but all you need is a little inspiration! Even if you copy someones idea it will always morph into something you can call your own. I have been pinning up a storm this morning (being very productive) and thought I would share some of my favourite finds so you can find some inspiration too! Come follow me on Pinterest here and join the pinning party!

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