DIY Rose Gold Vase

Lately I am finding myself more inclined to make decor items for my home, it feels like more of an accomplishment opposed to when I purchase something. I am having a major love affair with rose gold lately, and cute DIYs. So here is a story of a little Vase.enjoy!

I found these little vases for a garage sale for .50!! Lucky me!! Then I trotted over to Michaels (the best store ever) and purchased some of this amazing acrylic rose gold paint.

I painted 2 vases and also a frame, but thats a whooole other DIY post coming soon!! Paint 2 coats of the paint, waiting an hour in between coats and voila! Finito! Thats allseriouslyits THAT easy!! So go and do it!!! There is sooo many colors to choose from so you can match your decor or add a punch of color for fun! The result was amazing!! Id love to hear about your projects, share them below in the comments!

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