DIY Chalk Paint

When I first started chalk painting everything I owned or found on Craigslist I used to shell out the big bucks for Fat Paint and Annie sloan Chalk Paint, and it was dreamy. I adore their paints and dont get me wrong I still use them! But recently my friend and partner in chic decided we were tired of hand painting everything and decided to buy an air compressor and gun! Wahoo we were so excited. We didnt want to spend all our cash on paint though. So I hit the good ol interweb for some recipe ideas. We chose the one that was easiest (of course) it seemed to have good reviews so we gaver the good ol college tryand we love it!!

The recipe is as follows:

1 part Plaster of Paris (purchase at any home builder or paint store)


3 parts your choice of paint

and a splash (technical) of good ol free H2O

Thats it!!!


Upsides to this recipe:

1) Well its darn CHEAP, and we liked that! When your doing multiple pieces like we are, this is a definite plus! It allows us to experiment with many colours and buy new furniture.

2) It mixes up really well, just measure out your ingredients and shaker up in a bucket, we used cheap-o buckets from Rona which are perfect for storing extra!! Bonus!

3) You have lots of control on how thick or thin your paint is.

4) The colour possibilities are endless!!!


1) Plaster of paris is toxic, unlike most chalk paints which are low VOC and non toxic :( So make sure you wear a mask and paint your masterpiece in a well ventilated areaseriously ok? promise me!!

2) Clean up is a bit more difficult, chalk paints are super easy to clean up with soap and water and come off clothes and other things you may spill on easily.this not so muchask my driveway :s ..put lots of tarps down!!!

The paint we used to start with was Ronas eco line of recycled paint. They have a few good neutral colours so we used that for the white, and its only $20!It worked great! For the Mint green we used another Rona brand it was only around $27 for 4 litres! woop! Choose your colour and ask them to mix the cheapest paint they have.

Heres a few sneak peaks of the pieces we didIll put up before and finished afters when were all done. Stay tuned!

Have you ever made your own chalk paint? Was it good or bad?! Would love to hear ideas and suggestions!

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