Getting Your Personal Tax Accountant

These days, if you are running a business, it is more advantageous for you if you have your own Calgary personal tax accountant.  Of course, you do not necessarily need to hire them to work exclusively for you.  After all, there are now many accounting companies and firms that provides such services to business owners and individuals who are seeking to endeavor on business and management.  The knowledge brought by an accountant in the game of business is often invaluable as they know the current trends of different markets – on what is in and not.  This knowledge is more particular and widespread if an accountant has services that are highly sought after.

The aspect of having an accountant has important bearings on a company.  If your accountant personally handles your files and not just punch in the numbers, they may be able to evaluate any tax advantages that your company or business may have.  Nobody really wants to pay taxes more than what they have to.  If you qualify for a tax advantage or discount without actually breaking any rules, then having a personal accountant may prove to be a great asset for your business.

The truth is that not all accountants have the same skill and comprehension.  There are others who know the ins and outs of the tax system.  There are others on the other who just go by the book without really looking into any loopholes or such advantages left by the system.  If you are going to get a personal accountant, make it a point that you get one that can provide you with the best type of service possible.  In fact, if you can even be in a friendlier terms with each other, it may even get more positive for you.  In this way, you will be able to get advices that they would not regularly give to their clients.

Although most countries will share similar tax rules, there will always be variations to them that is dependent on the country or sovereign state that dictates them.  If you live and/or have a business in the Calgary, it is better to get personal tax accountants Calgary has to offer.  These accountants will know the very aspects and definitions of tax law within the city.

Hiring accountants that have deeper understanding in the tax rules in cities such as Calgary that have employee wage taxes exempt due to the rich oil reserves that the province gets its big chunk of earning means there are particular taxes in Calgary that may be exclusive to the area itself.  This is why if you want to hire a personal accountant, make it a point that you hire one that lives locally and are very knowledgeable of the tax rules and laws that are followed there.

DIY Rose Gold Vase

Lately I am finding myself more inclined to make decor items for my home, it feels like more of an accomplishment opposed to when I purchase something. I am having a major love affair with rose gold lately, and cute DIYs. So here is a story of a little Vase.enjoy!

I found these little vases for a garage sale for .50!! Lucky me!! Then I trotted over to Michaels (the best store ever) and purchased some of this amazing acrylic rose gold paint.

I painted 2 vases and also a frame, but thats a whooole other DIY post coming soon!! Paint 2 coats of the paint, waiting an hour in between coats and voila! Finito! Thats allseriouslyits THAT easy!! So go and do it!!! There is sooo many colors to choose from so you can match your decor or add a punch of color for fun! The result was amazing!! Id love to hear about your projects, share them below in the comments!

Home sweet home

When the seasons change, so does my taste in decor. As if I needed an excuse to buy new stuff :p Obviously I ADORE shabby chic furniture, but I dont like to go overboard with it. My home is filled with shabby chic, modern, contemporary and a bit of funky, we like a variety of styles but I always try to keep it light and fresh, I dont like a lot of dark colours. So as summer is approaching I am looking to brighten and lighten once again! Our bedroom is pretty much where I want it(for now) but my living room is a bit dark still. Its really important to me to have a place to come home to that is cozy and stylish, its something I really pay a lot of attention too. I believe our homes should make us feel special and proud. I know its easier for some people but all you need is a little inspiration! Even if you copy someones idea it will always morph into something you can call your own. I have been pinning up a storm this morning (being very productive) and thought I would share some of my favourite finds so you can find some inspiration too! Come follow me on Pinterest here and join the pinning party!

Perfect roasted cauliflower

My newest food obsession is Cauliflower. It really is a versatile amazing veggie! Not only is chock full of vitamins it is deeelish! Did you know that it a great Antioxidant as well?!?! As an excellent source of vitamin C, and a very good source of manganese, cauliflower provides us with two core conventional antioxidants. Beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, ferulic acid, quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol are among cauliflowers key antioxidant phytonutrients. This wonder veggie helps lower the risk of oxidative stress in our cells. Chronic oxidative stress (chronic presence over overly reactive oxygen-containing molecules and cumulative damage to our cells by these molecules) is a risk factor for development of most cancer types. Cauliflower helps lower our cancer risk by helping us avoid chronic and unwanted oxidative stress. (I looked all this up so trust it) 😉

I have tried a few recipes such as Cauliflower rice, Cauliflower mash here and my new fav, roasted Cauliflower! Yumm-o! It is soo easy Score! I like easy things. Heres what I did:

I took one head of cauliflower-washed & striped

Broke it up on a cookie sheet

Drizzled with olive oil

Season with whatever your lil heart desires. Garlic, salt & pep, spiceswhatever goes!

Bake at 350 for about 20 mins or until golden brown and cooked but not mushy.

Seriously it was sooo good! Even the boyfriend who was skeptical loved it.


Ship out the positive!

WOW!! what a fantastically beautiful day it is here in Vancouver! I am loving it! I hope yall are having a great week!

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending an amazing event created by a wonderful lady Christine Awram who I met through my sis in law. Christine created the Women of Worth event through a vision she had, a vision of bringing women together to celebrate our successes, share stories and inspire one another, and do so in a place that was positive and fun, and what fun we had! My sister in law Tammy Moyer, news anchor for News 1130 was the events MC and of course was fabulous as she always is. There was many great and inspirational speakers that really made you look deep inside yourself. Within the first 5 minutes I had tears in my eyes as Christine shared her story. Some people think these things are cheesy and a load of BS, but I say to those people get a grip! Is a place full of positivity, laughter, heartfelt stories and passion cheesy?Well if it is then sign me up!! I am sooo into it, bring on the cheese! Seriously though, why do we look down upon celebration of successes? The power of positivity? I struggle sometimes with looking on the positive side of things and I undoubtedly let the bad take over sometimes, but then I go to an event like this and it reassured where my heart really is, who I truly and wholeheartedly want to be. A Woman of Worth of course! We all are women of worth but what we do with it is our path to discover.

Have you ever had a passion in your belly? Have you ever had it but didnt know quite what it was yet? Thats me. I know I love to do a lot of things, ahem, I mean right now I currently write this blog, do website design, help run a graphic design company and refinish furniture in my spare timeoh god thats a lot of random crap! So in doing all this I am trying to find where this burning passion that keeps me up at night wants to take me. I have always been a person that isnt happy doing just one thing or working a regular job. I have always searched for more. To find the purpose to my life. I believe we are all here to live an authentic life, to be enlightened, to work our lifes work, not just a job. Now for everyone that looks very very different, and dont get me wrong here, some people are very happy working their 9-5 job, retiring and moving to Palm Springs to wait out the end of their days in the sun sipping Arnold Palmershold up that doesnt sound so bad.getting off track hereno matter what happiness looks like to you, you should just do it! Whether its building homes for people less fortunate, travelling the world, working at Starbucks, being an accountant or a CEO of a successful company, whatever your belly aches for DO IT! I know its easier said then done. Look at me, Im doing all these things but still struggling with what will make me truly fulfilled. Maybe it wont ever be just ONE thing, and im ok with that. I just want to feel happy. Id rather struggle while doing what I love then settle just to be comfortable. The universe is a very powerful thing, what we think about day and night is what we always end up having in one way or another, if your core principles believe one thing, it is hard to convince your mind any different, but the universe knows the difference. Sounds corny? Look back at your life, look at what you have said over and over and what you truly believe in. Is your life a reflection of that? Be honest! I bet you will be surprised with what you discover. There is so much I could go on and on about but I just wanted to share a little of what I have learnt and what inspired me going to this event.

I challenge you to look at what you tell yourself everyday, is it positive or negative? Then look at what keeps happening in your life, is it positive or negative? Colin Sprake was a speaker that had a very positive impact on me and who I could relate to very much. He talked a lot about shipping and receiving. HUH? What you ship out is what you get. You ship out negative thoughts then you shall receive negative in return. So ship out positive the babe! Wouldnt the world be a much better place if we all tried a little harder at shipping out positive thoughts to ourselves and others? I know I need to do that in regards to my self reflection. I always beat myself up for the way I look, and I know that is why I forever struggle finding happiness with the way I look. Why do we do that?! Why are we so quick to tell ourselves we cant do something, or we arent good enough. Its very bizarre when you really think about it. Were happier putting ourselves and others down than we are building ourselves and others up! Well I say its about the right time to start doing the very opposite. I promise to try compliment people more, praise them for their work, and I promise to look at myself in the mirror and celebrate the way I am rather than pick out all the things I dont like.

Anyways, this would be a post for days if I kept going! The message is ship out the positive and you shall receive it! What do you do to stay positive in a negative world?

Have a fantastic week and weekend!

DIY Chalk Paint

When I first started chalk painting everything I owned or found on Craigslist I used to shell out the big bucks for Fat Paint and Annie sloan Chalk Paint, and it was dreamy. I adore their paints and dont get me wrong I still use them! But recently my friend and partner in chic decided we were tired of hand painting everything and decided to buy an air compressor and gun! Wahoo we were so excited. We didnt want to spend all our cash on paint though. So I hit the good ol interweb for some recipe ideas. We chose the one that was easiest (of course) it seemed to have good reviews so we gaver the good ol college tryand we love it!!

The recipe is as follows:

1 part Plaster of Paris (purchase at any home builder or paint store)


3 parts your choice of paint

and a splash (technical) of good ol free H2O

Thats it!!!


Upsides to this recipe:

1) Well its darn CHEAP, and we liked that! When your doing multiple pieces like we are, this is a definite plus! It allows us to experiment with many colours and buy new furniture.

2) It mixes up really well, just measure out your ingredients and shaker up in a bucket, we used cheap-o buckets from Rona which are perfect for storing extra!! Bonus!

3) You have lots of control on how thick or thin your paint is.

4) The colour possibilities are endless!!!


1) Plaster of paris is toxic, unlike most chalk paints which are low VOC and non toxic :( So make sure you wear a mask and paint your masterpiece in a well ventilated areaseriously ok? promise me!!

2) Clean up is a bit more difficult, chalk paints are super easy to clean up with soap and water and come off clothes and other things you may spill on easily.this not so muchask my driveway :s ..put lots of tarps down!!!

The paint we used to start with was Ronas eco line of recycled paint. They have a few good neutral colours so we used that for the white, and its only $20!It worked great! For the Mint green we used another Rona brand it was only around $27 for 4 litres! woop! Choose your colour and ask them to mix the cheapest paint they have.

Heres a few sneak peaks of the pieces we didIll put up before and finished afters when were all done. Stay tuned!

Have you ever made your own chalk paint? Was it good or bad?! Would love to hear ideas and suggestions!